How can Pharma preserve quality while cutting energy costs?

As Pharma companies strive to reduce their costs and environmental impact, they also need to maintain the premium quality of their products. Energy efficiency measures can help Pharma companies lower energy costs without sacrificing top-notch quality. According to an article by the UK Centre for Process Innovation, implementing energy-efficient

Wattnow and Pharma Company SAIPH signed a partnership

In October 2022, the Société Arabe Des Industries Pharmaceutiques SAIPH and Wattnow signed a partnership contract for implementing a smart energy management system covering the entire manufacturing site of Zaghouan. Given the increase in fuel prices and in expectation of further increases in energy costs with the site expansion

Explained: Carbon Accounting and The New Carbon Tax at The EU’s Borders

Businesses that are conscious of the extent of climate change and its negative effects on our environment are increasingly turning to carbon accounting and using it to their advantage to make informed, data-driven decisions regarding their carbon-reduction strategies.  In this blog post, we help you understand what carbon accounting

Top 6 Benefits of Implementing an IoT-based Energy Management System (EnMS)

With energy costs continuously rising, building owners and managers are constantly looking for ways to improve energy efficiency in order to cut down on their expenses and reduce their carbon footprint. In this regard, one of the best options to improve a building’s energy efficiency is the implementation of

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