In October 2022, the Société Arabe Des Industries Pharmaceutiques SAIPH and Wattnow signed a partnership contract for implementing a smart energy management system covering the entire manufacturing site of Zaghouan.

Given the increase in fuel prices and in expectation of further increases in energy costs with the site expansion project, SAIPH’s technical teams decided to take action by moving from an in-depth audit to a comprehensive energy efficiency project.

The company chose our Wattnow solution and our expertise to meet the project’s expectations through a 100% digitized energy consumption on a plant of 25,000 m2.

Wattnow x Saiph

In the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry, highly efficient energy management is a crucial factor in product cost control, ensuring product quality and maintaining a privileged market position.

“The purpose of this collaboration is to ensure that energy consumption and associated costs are minimized while maintaining optimal comfort, service, and productivity.”

States Mr. Med Hedi Naat, Technical Director of Saiph

Keeping up with the latest technologies, the company has adopted a decentralized and cloud-based solution with access to an advanced level of energy management, utility monitoring (electricity, gas, steam, cold, etc.), and machine performance which reduces maintenance costs.