Controlling energy consumption and optimizing energy performance has become an imperative for companies.

Driven by the emergence of new technologies, companies are facing a vast ecosystem with major environmental and economic challenges. With the need and obligation to reduce costs, companies must also now imperatively take into account the reduction of their carbon footprint. The latter is more and more emphasized by decision makers and pushed by public opinion.


 Making infrastructures eco-responsible, avoiding unnecessary overconsumption, limiting energy losses are all promises made, and kept […] 

Thanks to IoT, tracking expenses, habits and consumption is now not only possible but is almost becoming a basic need. Making infrastructures eco-responsible, avoiding unnecessary overconsumption, limiting energy losses are all promises made, and kept by the solutions offered by companies operating in the Internet of Things sector.
Moreover, many standardization regulations exist such as the ISO 50001 standard. We have already talked about the subject, do not hesitate to take a look at it.

According to an Afnor study on energy management practices of ISO 50001 certified organizations, in the 2019 edition, 54% of the companies surveyed perceive a return on investment higher than or at least in line with the estimates.

Companies understand that the objective is to optimize their production performance while saving money and controlling their environmental impact and therefore reducing their carbon footprint. Decarbonization is now a necessity for companies.


How does the IoT help companies become profitable and sustainable ?


Essential for both SMEs and multinationals, connected objects offer a multitude of new uses in fields as diverse as industry, health, logistics, mobility, etc. These developments, combined with machine learning algorithms, are transforming user experiences and usage and creating new streams of cost optimization. Through sensors connected to the Internet, companies collect data about their environment, for example how a machine is operating, or the temperature in the room.The degree of accuracy of the measurement is also a factor to consider especially for certain sectors, as well as the frequency with which the data is collected.

Based on tangible and ultra-contextualized data, Smart Energy Management Solutions allow to visualize and therefore adjust electricity consumption and production, in real time, and in a predictable way: it is truly an essential tool that facilitates greatly decision-making.

Being particularly sensitive to environmental and decarbonization issues, Wattnow places itself at the heart of these challenges and helps its users take control of their energy consumption.

Thanks to its IoT solutions dedicated to energy management, it enables to:

  • Assist in predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Reduce your costs
  • Facilitate control and maintenance operations
  • Optimize business processes
  • Monitor the condition of your equipment and your environment
  • Reduce your carbon footprint


According to a study on the Digital Strategy in Tunisia of IoT conducted by the Tunisian Institute of Strategic Studies (ITES) covering the period 2018-2025, the energy sector is the leading sector leading for future introduction and development of IoT activities.


Source: Digital Strategy in Tunisia – Internet of Things – ITES


Business opportunities that seem promising in the coming years for the IoT sector in Tunisia:

Source: Digital Strategy in Tunisia – Internet of Things – ITES


Nevertheless, and still according to the study, strong barriers to entry remain for the development of IoT activities in Tunisia. These barriers are mainly the lack of maturity of the market and the lack of financial support for innovation.

Source: Digital Strategy in Tunisia – Internet of Things – ITES


Some however understand the benefits they could get from these connected tools, whether for environmental or budgetary purposes, and thus, see their democratization as a real challenge, which they wish to overcome. Indeed, it is certain that the widespread use of the IoT, for individuals (at home) or professionals (in business) will have great impact, whether it be for efficiency, comfort or environmental issues.


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