Project Description

Use Case



Founded in 1961, UBCI now has a network of 111 Agencies operating in the very heart of the main economic centers of Tunisia.

Aspiring to be the Bank of a changing world, UBCI has been ISO 9001 certified for its international activities since 2002 and since 2012 for its electronic payment activities.

UBCI also pays particular attention to Social and Environmental Responsibility issues.

The challenge and goals  

In recent years, and like large retailers, banks have sought to outsource the management of development and maintenance.
This resulted in the energy cost in the banking sector  still not being well managed. 

For UBCI, the aim from the collaboration was to improve energy efficiency relying on data and proven cost effectiveness


Wattnow started the partnership woth UBCI in April 2020
The combination of Wattnow’s solution of Smart meters and Cloud Dashboard UBCI to monitor, track energy consumption in real time and identify waste sources.
Through the instant alert and notification received both via Email and SMS but also visible on the Dashboard UBCI could know instantly about their energy spikes and abnormalities in consumption.
The Wattnow solution also centralizes all the historical data of its  energy-consuming equipment in one smart energy network and provides a documented analysis of Energy and Savings 

The results 

The effectiveness of the Wattnow-UBCI collaboration was highlighted first by a 92% ROI in the first year and up to 10% of  energy savings.
These results are the fruits of the continuous monitoring during the pilot that helped establish benchmark usage rates which then helped identify differences from the norm for example when heating, cooling or lighting had been accidentally left on over a weekend.
UBCI also succeeded into engaging staff and management at all levels into their energy efficiency goals and managing energy across all their branches.