Project Description



Use case 

Tunisian Saoudi Bank


TUNISIAN SAOUDI BANK  (formerly Société Tuniso-Saoudienne d’Investissement et de Développement (STUSID)) was created on May 30, 1981 following an agreement signed between the Government of the Republic of Tunisia and the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It is endowed with a capital of 100 million dinars equitably distributed between the two governments. it was transformed in 2005 into a universal bank, thus marking a new era in its history.


In recent years, and like large retailers, banks have sought to outsource the management of development and maintenance.
This resulted in the energy cost in the banking sector  still not being well managed. 

Adding to that, due to the distribution of the bank branches, a  constant neglect of lighting and air conditioning during OFF hours was a pressuring issue. 


Wattnow installed its smart meters in September 2020.
The combination of Wattnow’s solution of Smart meters and Cloud Dashboard allowed TSB to monitor, track energy consumption in real time and identify waste sources.
Through the instant alert and notification received both via Email and SMS but also visible on the Dashboard, TSB could know instantly about their energy spikes and abnormalities in consumption.
The Wattnow solution also centralizes all the historical data of its equipment in one smart energy network and provides a documented analysis of Energy and Savings.
To better assist with the constant neglect of lighting and air conditioning during weekend and off hours, Wattnow introduced an Automatic and manual control Feature to optimize the energy consumption. 


Just 3 months after the launch of the collaboration between Wattnow and TSB, the bank could already identify avenues for improving energy efficiency, overruns and omissions of heating, air conditioning or lighting systems during evenings and weekends.

In addition, the automatic and manual air conditioning control during OFF hours to eliminate loss of electrical energy helped save up to 60% in Energy. 

TSB is also using Wattnow’s smart solution to educate staff and management at all levels on the importance of improving energy        efficiency.
And finally, TSB is estimating their Retun on Investement less than 5 months