Project Description

Use Case

Chimicouleurs Emballages


CHIMI COULEURS EMBALLAGES METALLIQUES  is a Tunisian manufacturer since 1998, Specialized in metal packaging, and a market leader. 

They are specialists in packaging for food or industrial use. With a top notch structure and the ability to adapt, CHIMI COULEUR have mastered manufacturing both small and large series with a high production rate that can exceed 2,000,000 boxes per minute thanks to the high-performance machines on the market. 

With a list of renowned clients in Tunisia, the greater Maghreb and Africa, you can be sure that the quality of our products and our service are exceptional.

The challenge and goals  

The  industrial sector has a relatively high demand for energy and due to the high production of CHIMI COULEURS, the goal from the partnership with Wattnow was first to delineate the growth of the industrial energy consumption. Second, to align the factory’s energy intensities with international standards and best practices. And finally, to apply principles and practices of continuous improvement to implement strategic energy management. 


Wattnow installed 20 smart meters December 2019.
The combination of Wattnow’s solution of Smart meters and Cloud Dashboard allowed CHIMI COULEUR to monitor, track energy consumption in real time and identify waste sources.
Through the instant alert and notification received both via Email and SMS but also visible on the Dashboard, CHIMI COULEUR could know instantly about their energy spikes and abnormalities in consumption.
The Wattnow solution also centralizes all the historical data of its  energy-consuming equipment in one smart energy network and provides a documented analysis of Energy and Savings 

The results 

By using Wattnow, CHIMI COULEUR was able to evaluate past and present energy use and consumption thanks to the Energy use and consumption analysis based on measurement and other data exploited by smart meter.
The company could clearly see the current energy performance of their installations, their equipment, systems and processes related to significant energy uses identified.
It was then easy to identify, prioritize and record opportunities for improving energy performance that translated into more than 5% in energy savings.
Another milestone for CHIMI COULEUR was also reduce their carbon emissions and meet sustainability targets and abide by ISO 50001 energy standards.