Project Description

Use Case



In 50 years, the Carrefour Group has become a world leader in the retail sector. The second largest retailer in the world and the largest in Europe, the Group now features four major grocery retail formats: hypermarkets, supermarkets, cash & carry and convenience stores. The Carrefour Group currently has over 9 900 company-owned and franchise stores.

The challenge and goals 

For it’s Tunisia branches, Carrefour had a big challenge translating in a constant neglect of lighting, air conditioning, refrigerators during off hours which generates an enormous waste of energy and a heavy electricity bill.
Adding to that, a lack of traceability of the history of energy consumption and a lack of alerts and notification in the event of faults in equipment.

And finally, Carrefour had a technical failure – Activation of the air conditioning when the temperature is already optimal


The Wattnow – Carrefour collaboration started in February 2020  combination of Wattnow’s solution of Smart meters and Cloud Dashboard allowed Carrefour to monitor, track energy consumption in real time and identify waste sources.
Through the instant alert and notification received both via Email and SMS but also visible on the Dashboard, Carrefour could know instantly about their energy spikes and abnormalities in consumption.
The Wattnow solution also centralizes all the historical data of its  energy-consuming equipment in one smart energy network and provides a documented analysis of Energy and Savings.
Carrefour also used the Wattnow Platform to raise employees’ awareness to Energy efficiency and Energy consumption. 

The results 

Almost a year into the partnership, thanks to constant collaborations, Carrefour is seeing major savings on the bill through intelligent alerts.
It is now possible to the Carrefour team to identify sources of energy waste and also consumption peaks which helps to better monitor the power factor to have bonuses or avoid penalties.