Utility bills don’t give up much information besides what you owe for a month’s worth of electricity.

In Tunisia, the bill is bimonthly. It is established further to a four-month meter reading in urban areas and a six-month meter reading in rural areas or further to an estimation based on your last 12 months consumption (intermediary bill).

There’s a reason utility bills are mysterious. Your utility meter gathers very limited data. Essentially it tells your utility how much electricity is consumed in your home. That’s it. You don’t know how much your heating or cooling systems contributed to the cost, or whether your washing machine uses more energy than your clothes dryer. And you certainly can’t tell when or how often various appliances turned on or off throughout the month.

The utility bill therefore leaves people in the dark about the impact of their habits or which appliances use how much energy. Without detailed information, it’s a challenge to budget or control expenses.

At Wattnow, we think people should know more about what’s going on in their homes. The Wattnow home energy meter tells you how much energy the devices in your home are using, and what’s on or off, so you can figure out how to make your home more efficient. In the Wattnow app, you can track devices, know how much electricity they use and its cost, and set alerts and goals. You can match your utility bill’s cycle and set goals. Wattnow will send you alerts if your costs are getting higher than your monthly goal – no more surprises on your utility bill. Because the Wattnow meter detects the total electricity as it enters your home, it matches your utility bill very accurately.

While the information on your utility bill is limited compared to the wealth of data you can find with Wattnow, you can learn some important things from a monthly utility bill.

How much your energy costs overall

In your latest monthly bill or at your online account, look at the amount due to the utility. Is it what you were hoping or expecting it to be? Can you fit it into your current budget? Your electricity bill is not outside of your control. Whether you want to save money or simply live more responsibly on the planet, there are many ways to lower your bill while maintaining a comfortable lifestyle, starting with identifying the energy hogs and vampires in your home.

With Wattnow, you can track your energy usage in real-time down to the second, identify energy hogs in your home and even set notifications to track the use of specific devices. How does Wattnow do all this? Once the Wattnow meter is installed, it reads signals from your electrical panel, analyzes subtle changes, and sends energy data to your smartphone so that everything you need to know about your home energy use is in your pocket.

If you’re curious, check out how it all works here