Wattnow & Hutchinson: Energy Data for Sustainable Manufacturing

Hutchinson is a multinational company that has been innovating in the mobility industry at sea, on land, and in the air, since 1850.

This French-based industry relies on the ongoing development of technological expertise for better performance in terms of safety, comfort, and well-being.The company is well established worldwide with 87 sites in 21 countries. In February 2008, the Group opted for implantation in Tunisia on a site of 25000 m² located in Sousse.

Aiming to optimize energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint, the Hutchinson teams have sought to implement a reliable and precise tool
that allows them to visualize energy consumption flows across all production stations and to cover the entire facility with a high level of accuracy.

Hutchinson has chosen the Wattnow Solution to equip its plant with an electrical energy management system.

As a result, over a hundred Wattnow devices have been deployed throughout the different Business Units. This has enabled the company to accurately monitor the energy flows linked to the entire manufacturing process and to take action  whenever anomalies occur. All of this has been made possible thanks to real-time measurements and a reactive dashboard.

The combination of the Wattnow Dashboard with other data analytics solutions has also allowed an in-depth analysis of energy ratios and an understanding of consumption patterns.

” Refining the analysis of energy consumption is the best way to reduce it. Thanks to the Wattnow solution,we are now able to monitor the electricity consumption and CO2 emissions of the different equipment in our facilities in real-time.

This monitoring has allowed us to detect anomalies and act on them in a timely manner. “

Mr. Ahmed Ghali, the Energy Project Manager at Hutchinson